Do it and don't do it - 0
Do it and don't do it - 1
Do it and don't do it - 2
Do it and don't do it - 3
Do it and don't do it - 4
Do it and don't do it
35 EUR


205 × 287 mm, 100 sheets

Riso printed with soy-based inks on recycled paper.

Comes in impossible colour variations based on my mood.

A daily reminder of the two general ways of doing things: by actually doing them (the realistic way), and by not doing them at all (the surrealistic way) — both combined in one single row that occurs different in size for the ease of writing down some longer thoughts as well as like a graphic interpretation of the concept of doing something and not doing it at the same time but on different levels, so the thing itself may change its realms, proportions, size and place, and whatever else is suitable for you to change.

You can cut out rows randomly and give them to yourself and others in a very casual manner concerning past/future events, and still, the notebook will be present in the here-and-now for you to remember how to do it right.

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More to follow.

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